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Shiny Sky Spirit

by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

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In Winter, a bright light was seen to travel the heavens from west to east. It came to earth near River-Runs-Each-Spring. The People went there and found a tall silvery house in a broad area of blackened ground, surrounded by melting snow.

"What is it?" asked Muskrat, twitching his snout.

"It is the House of a God," Duck answered, and ruffled his feathers. Just then, the House opened and Someone stepped forth.

"And Who is that?" Antelope breathed, her hooves moving softly.

"That is Shiny Sky Spirit," Heron clacked, and so it was.


Duck went to Muskrat. "Shiny Sky Spirit demands tribute."

"What must we give?"

"Ore. Great quantities of ore."

And so the villagers brought ore to the tall House on the plain.

Next, Shiny Sky Spirit demanded that the ore be refined, and the metals separated, one from the other. This, too, was done, after a long and troublesome time. Shiny Sky Spirit, who had taken to striding about, shouting in a deafening voice, finally brought the spring rains. There was great celebration among the People, and thanks were given to Shiny Sky Spirit for his mercy and generosity. After the celebration, the full Moon shone down, bathing the village in Her cool radiance. Shiny Sky Spirit came to Heron where she stood on the bank of the river. Shiny Sky Spirit covered Heron, and afterward returned to His House.

Shiny Sky Spirit caused to be erected around His House a magical palisade, and he remained within it for several weeks. During that time loud and harsh noises were heard from within the palisade. After a time all became quiet. The next night the ground trembled, and a bright light ascended from within the palisade. In the morning, the People approached the palisade gate. They called, but received no answer. Finally, Duck flew up and looked over the top of the palisade. The interior was a flat expanse of black and smoking soil. Shiny Sky Spirit had returned to the sky.

A few weeks later, Heron laid two marvelous eggs. One was as reflective as a clear, still pool. The other swirled with all the colors of Rainbow. The eggs nestled in Heron's nest, and she sat upon them, so they would quicken. The People waited patiently to see what would hatch out.

The end


It like David's "new myth". For duck and heron and the others, however, it sounds like the same old story (or screw)

Posted by: Duane Ackerson | January 8, 2009 10:37 PM

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