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Jana's World

by David C. Kopaska-Merkel


* Jana made the world she used her grandmother's favorite bowl.

* Carson unlocked his office door he knew right away something was wrong.

* Some of the mixture slopped onto the floor, Jana wiped it up with a rag.

* Carson saw the mixing bowl he noticed right away that it was dirty.

* She put the pan in the oven Jana saw the dishrag burning with an enduring flame.

* Carson touched the bowl he heard a symphony of dissonance. He saw it too. And smelt

* Jana emptied the trash she put the can out by the curb.

* Carson wiped his hands on his sweater he felt light-headed.

* Jana heard the timer go off she was on the phone.

* Carson started typing he seemed to be all thumbs.

* Jana took the pan out the world was a little crispy around the edges.

* Carson looked out the window everything seemed to be getting dark. Except at the
horizon, where it was even darker.

* Jana turned the world onto a board she set it out to cool.

* Carson looked up from the computer he smelled a peculiar odor.

* Jana looked around she could not find the mixing bowl.

* Carson made to leave he wondered what was for supper. And whether it had been burned.

* Jana saw the time she ordered takeout.

* Carson got home his dinner was waiting, made just the way he liked it.

After supper

* Jana remembered the world.

* A crow had snatched it from the window sill.

* Carson was disappointed there was no dessert.

The end

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