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Fragment of a Catalogue

by Jason Fischer

This fragment of a catalogue, found in the ruins of the Great Antarctican Library, is one of the few remnants of a sophisticated civilisation. It provides a tantalising glimpse of the records and narratives maintained by this extinct society, though the titles are nonsensical at best.

It's speculated that the natural disaster that destroyed their civilisation was artificial in its origins, and there is nothing but the creation myths of the primitive survivors and what archeology we have unearthed to piece this mystery together.

• The God-Pill and Atheism's Response
• The Rise and Fall of the African Empire
• From Cattle Kings to Yeast Paupers: The Australian Hubris
• Masonic Ascendancy Vol X: A Sublight Voyage on the Hiram Abif
• Waite's Compleat Hystory of Nanoetech
• The Stephen King Legacy
• To the Gods, A Torch
• The Necessity of Legislated Xenophobia
• Liberty's End: Decimation of the American Rearguard Action.
• Off-World Capitulation, and the Effects on Political Left and Right
• Of NATO's Redundancy, and the Formation of WES-HEM
• Wasters: A Chronicle of 21C Follies and Vagaries
• Safety Concerns Regarding Breugem's Global Tectonic Generator

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