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Austin Lights

by Daniel Braum

On January 8, 2008 unidentified lights raced across the Texas sky.


Arnie knew that everyone saw the lights over Austin. Police officers, military men, and hundreds of ordinary Joe’s. The footage played on CNN. On Larry King a noted UFO expert explained how the sightings of three witnesses and home footage corresponded with national weather service radar.

This was good. Whatever it was, it was still unidentified, but would go a long way towards people taking them seriously.

He set off to Gordon’s basement for the weekly meeting of their UFO and sky watcher group.


Gordon’s basement was stuffed full of all sorts of equipment and computers they had “borrowed” from their various jobs. Tonight it was set up and configured like a Rube Goldberg schematic come to life.

And an old man was there. The two men looked alike. Gordon's grandpa or uncle maybe? So much for the no outsiders policy. Especially tonight with so much going on.

“Who’s this?” Arnie asked.

“I’ve figured it out,” Gordon said.

“What? The lights?”

The old man laughed, and said, “no.”

“I thought we agreed, no outsiders, Gordon,” Arine said. “You want to get us busted?”

“Doesn’t matter, we’re going to be famous. I’ve discovered slip holes through time.”

Gordon was a genius. But still, Arnie had never heard of slip holes.

“You mean worm holes?”he asked.

“No,” answered the old man. “I like to think of them as slip holes.”

“I was asking him,” Arnie said. “Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m Gordon,” the old man said. “I figured out how to slip back in time. It took me forty years to make it back, to this day.”

“What? That’s crazy. Impossible.”

“No it isn’t,” the young Gordon said. “Look, here we are.”

“You’ve probably messed things up real good then,” Arnie said.

“No. The flow of time rights itself. Repairs itself.”

“But if what you said is true, isn’t it incredibly dangerous? Maybe you two shouldn’t stand so close.”

“No its perfectly safe, see,”

The young Gordon patted his elder self on the back.

Giant streaks of orange light raced across the Austin sky above them. The two men erupted into burning white light which consumed them, the room and within seconds, everything.


The lights over that particular Austin and in that particular everywhere, went out, forever.

- END -


These quotes of yours do not translate over the RSS feed. They wind up as ???, which makes your story difficult to read.

Posted by: Mr. Bill | October 23, 2008 3:29 PM

Thanks for letting us know, Bill. Sorry about that.

We thought we had the curly quote problem licked once they didn't go strange on the main site, but apparently that wasn't the whole problem.

We'll go back to avoiding them.

Posted by: Rudi | October 24, 2008 2:44 AM

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