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A Man Walks Into A Bar

by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

A hunchback says "it seems a fellow with eight arms walks into a bar and..."

The guy with the slits interrupts him. "You don't start a story like that. You don't say 'it seems,' you just start right in talking. Like 'A fellow with eight arms takes a head off the guy next to him at the bar.'"

"Yeah, Kelly said that," agrees the fellow with the long neck. "He oughta know how to tell a story."

"But that ain't what happened," the hunchback protests, "the other guy didn't have any heads at all, and..."

"No head?!" A really thin guy glides over from a nearby table. His head is the widest part of him, because of the nose, and his expression says he couldn't imagine having a smaller head, much less no head. "That meant he didn't have no nose. How did he smell?"

Slits starts to answer, and the hunchback says "Now look, whose joke is this?" but that is as far as he gets. Just then someone comes in the door. He has a whole bunch of arms and is holding some kind of weapon in each hand. He starts shooting (which is completely illegal) and all the raconteurs dive for the floor. Octopus Boy is tearing the place up. The light fixture suspended from the ceiling partially explodes and the remains start spinning lazily, shedding sparks. Most of the surviving patrons are on the floor, some dripping fluids, and the smell of oxygen acceptors is harsh in the air. Suddenly there's a shout from the back of the room:

"Finish the joke! The guy with no heads! What does he do?!" This elicits a brief volley from the heavily armed character in the doorway. When it ends, the hunchback quavers from underneath a table.

"He smells as bad as ever."

Another volley, and the shooter speaks for the first time: "Who am I? Chopped liver?!

A different voice from the back of the room. "And the guy who walks into the bar? What happens to him?"

O. B. pauses to slap himself in the forehead.

The hunchback answers. "You fellows really ain't heard this one? He rubs his head and says 'ow!'"

Octopus Boy throws up several of his arms in disgust and just walks back out on the street.

The end


Ugh. Pretty awful. Sorry. :-(

Posted by: Carlos Ramirez | February 4, 2008 6:14 PM

Well, hope you like the next better.

Posted by: david | February 5, 2008 2:37 AM

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