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Why Duos are Better than Monos

by Jeremiah Tolbert

By Jimmy Clark Bragg
4th Period Composition

Duos are better than monos for many reasons. First, duos can do more things at the same time. This is called multitasking. Monos can do two or maybe three things at the same time, but only with two hands and eyes. Duos can do twice as much as that because they have two whole bodies.

Duos have redundancy. If something happens to a mono's body, and they die, they are dead for good. Duos can lose one half of themselves and still live. They become a mono then, which is sad, but it is better than being dead.

Duos can remember twice as much as a mono. This is useful for geography tests, because duos can memorize and study twice as fast as monos. Duos are smarter than monos.

There are some bad things about being a duo. Duos have to buy twice as many clothes and twice as much food. It costs twice as much to go to the cinema. It can be very expensive to be a duo.

It is against the law for grown-up duos to have more than one job, so it can be hard to pay for the extra food and clothes. To make enough money, duos sometimes have to take dangerous jobs in space.

Worst of all, it is not acceptable for duos marry or date monos, no matter how much a duo boy likes a mono girl. I don't know why this is true, but my mother says so.

In conclusion, there are some downsides to being a duo, but the advantages outweigh them. I would not want to be a mono for all the money in the world, but I might if it meant I could take Missy Callahan to the movies. She could sit between me and hold my hands. But that doesn't matter too much. Some day, I will meet a duo girl and we can go to the movies while we do our homework at the same time. That would be even better.

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