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by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

People don't go anywhere anymore. It used to be, grandad says, people worked hard for days and days before they had earned enough vacation time to actually go in their rooms and plug themselves in to a virtual national park or amusement park or water park or venusian tuber farm or something. Now we just go out behind the recycling center and stare at some weeds, or throw chunks of plastic at the vehicles on the Superway. If we want to go to an amusement park we have to actually pretend everything. You call that living?

I mean, what can you do with plastic, glaspex, and vegebord? Yesterday, Tim3 is standing on a bit of vegebord shouting "I am Chancellor of Trash!" or some sh*t and so Lefrim shoves him off and says she's Premier of Trash and waves a block of glaspex in the air. The new kid from Moon 13 pushes her off and says he's King of the Trash. Dorks!

If I was going to pretend something it would be way faster than that. I would be a unitank pilot, beneath cloud cover on a Chitin-occupied world during the Wars. We'd have to wipe out a Hive. We wouldn't get out alive. Or maybe....

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