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The Honeybee Movement

by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

You know how people wonder whether the human race will go out with a bang or a whimper? I think the honeybees have answered that question for us. I personally see the hand of God in the fact that honeybee workers, classic nose-to-the-grindstone types, are just walking off the job. More and more colonies are turning up empty, or with just a few young and bewildered bees. It's like the family that left their home in Oklahoma or wherever it was. They drove until the car ran out of gas; then they started walking. No one ever saw them again. Well, I figure this is our last warning. The pillar of salt was a warning. The global flood was another. The honeybees are simply the latest, but I think they show us how it will happen. I've seen this in a vision: people just dropping things where they lie and walking away, walking away from everything, and they don't come back.

Now if we only knew which of the myriad sects was the correct one, the one that had God's true word, we could all join. Maybe if only one person joined, we would get another chance. I am convinced that this time, as in the time of Noah, someone will see the light. Someone will understand the true word of God, act accordingly, and people will listen. But this has to happen soon. As I walk to and from work it seems to me that more houses are empty, more businesses operate with a skeleton crew, more storefronts are abandoned.

So I think we will be saved, but one thing has me lying awake at night. Suppose one of the countless sects that has been extirpated over the last few millennia was the only one that got it right. Or what if no one has ever understood the Truth?

I'm doing what I can. I'm researching forgotten religions and setting up websites for all of them. Go online and Google "religions." You'll find them, mixed in with all the familiar ones. Ritual of the Gnaath. Sisterhood of Eternity. And so on. Each has a PayPal button. I'm not taking that money myself! It really goes to that religion, for website maintenance. I figure if I can revive any of these religions it will improve our odds. And I'm getting lots of hits, lots of contributions. Do I have yours?


in the bibble god said locas would come not honeybees!!!!!

Posted by: nicole | April 25, 2008 3:04 PM

You are absolutely right ! God is sending one of His last warnings to mankind through the honeybee. As a beekeeper and researcher..remember all God's creation has a seventh sense. The honeybee is very sensitive to earth system changes. Any slight change in the earth's paramagnetic systems and the honeybee picks up on it. Bee navagation depends on the sun and the paramagnetics of the earth.

In short there are two distinct colony collapse disorders 1, due to weakened immunity systems from diease, pestilence, and man made toxins. 2, did not occur til Feb. 2005 right after the great earthquake in 2004. It was proven by NASA that this earthquake caused so much weight in water to move across the face of the earth that the earth was actually moved on it's axis rotation 1 /100th of a degree. The effects on all earth systems are there. The honeybee picked up on this change. The first report of No 2, came in Feb 2005, when a very large pollinator in the USA walked outside one morning and millions of bees had just vanished, gone without a trace. Note: there were no dead elephants or other wild life found in India or Thailand after the massive tidal wave.

With No#1 being mostly caused by mankind..No #2 is from an act of God...

The black horse...Famine comes along with a disaster of bibical portions..world wide.. The bees sense it , and they are confused and heading for high ground...

The coming growing seasons will tell the tell..and whatever lies in wait in the not so distant future...

Only GOd knows..but it would do one good to get right with their creator cause for some this change will be a blessing , but for most it will be a curse...

Before long they will be making a real life soylent green.....

God's word will not be changed what is ordained to come will come ..so it is written so will it be done..

Posted by: Buzza Shuck | November 22, 2008 11:37 AM

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