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Final Exam

by Edd Vick

1. Assume a four-dimensional hyperspherical universe fifteen billion years old. Populate it with one hundred billion galaxies.
     A. Calculate the likelihood of life developing.
     B. Calculate the likelihood of intelligent life developing.
     C. Calculate the likelihood of more than one intelligent race developing.
     D. Calculate the likelihood that in the assumed universe with x intelligent races, that any one of them will become aware of another.
     E. Calculate the likelihood that any two races will make war on each other.

2. In a p-type universe, specify the preliminary and boundary conditions for each of the following types of singularity.
     A. Indigenous species improves genotype beyond recognition.
     B. Indigenous species creates mechanical aid that destroys said species.
     C. Indigenous species creates intelligent mechanical aid that supplants said species.
     D. None of the above.
     E. Extra Credit: All of the above.

3. Create 12 p-type universes. Set preliminary and boundary conditions such that only one intelligent race develops in each and that they are unable to leave their parent system. Chart time to their self-destruction. Be sure to clean the laboratory afterwards.

4. Are you God? Show your work.


Oo! Can I be God next time?!

Posted by: Artemis Rock | May 4, 2007 1:26 PM

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