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All My Stories

by Edd Vick

     Now you have heard my story of the zebra who sold his stripes to an elephant.
     And you know the story of Polaris, who was a starfish before the King of the North granted his wish.
     And you know that the wolf howls at the moon because he stays up all night and is too tired to howl at the sun.

     You know all my stories, like why the dragons are all living in volcanoes and where the Phoenix hides in Arizona.
     And you know what Sleeping Beauty dreamed about.
     And you know why her daughter was named Matilda Jane.

     Now, you know about the owl who lost to himself at chess.
     And you know about the quarrel between Summer and Winter.
     And you know about the time Thursday wanted to come before Tuesday.

     You have heard the tale of the King of the Bakers who traded his crown for a cake made of rainbows.
     And you know why evergreen trees don't change color.
     And you know where the lioness lost her mane.

     Now, you've heard why turtles and pies have shells and why skunks and alarm clocks don't.
     And you know about the cowboy who roped the moon.
     And you know about the hunter who snared his own shadow.

     That is all of my stories. I have no more. If you don't believe me then I'll tell you a little tale why.

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