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Overheard in the courtyard of a very ancient apartment block in Cairo

by Kat Beyer

"Hassan, change your sister back right this minute. I mean it."

"But Mama,--"

"Hassan Ibn Sina, change your sister back or I will make you sorry you ever came out of the womb, so help me Almighty. Don't give me that look."

"But Mama, she likes being a butterfly."

"I don't care whether she wants to be a butterfly for the rest of her life. You change her back this instant, do you hear? She can be a butterfly all she wants when she's old enough to do it herself. For now, she has to be a little girl and eat her supper. And you, you will not get any supper at all if you do not do as I say. What, do you want me to change you too? Because I guarantee you, I'm angry enough right now, I'll change you into a dog turd in the street."


Lovely! A condensed gem of a story, calling up memories of Lila the Werewolf!

Posted by: Stacy | April 29, 2007 2:54 PM

LOL! Hilarious and fantastic. Or, would that be hilariously fantastic? Or fantastically hilarious? (Answer: All of the above. Thanks for sharing!) :-)

Posted by: sairuh | April 30, 2007 3:04 AM

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