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A Morning Slidewalk Scene

by Rudi Dornemann

This guy comes up the block in a silver jumpsuit, and he's thinking, I could move to one of those LaGrange orbitals. Plenty of jobs up there, and all kinds of relocation bonuses...

Another guy, older, coming the other way in a plaid jacket that totally clashes with the tattoo on his face, is remembering the cliffhanger ending from last night's episode of /Urges/, playing it over and over in his mind. He seems to be more interested in the cutting remark that Lola just made to Charles, and less in the way the elevator is falling out of control.

A woman on the expresswalk is going over what she needs to do to clinch the Callazon deal -- if she drops the renewal price by 3% and moves the upgrade window from five months to four... Biv in sales owes her a favor anyway. And if she lands this one, Robertson will have to promote her. He'll have to, no matter what he thinks about clones -- the bigot.

There's silver jumpsuit guy again, going the other way, thinking: ...or one of the undersea domes, lots of jobs there, too. And they have great schools -- now that I'm pregnant, I can't just think about myself. I'm sure I'll get used to the damp eventually. They say it doesn't feel as claustrophobic as it really is...

A woman passes by, wondering if she should stop off at this coffee shop or wait and just grab a cup from the machine in the lobby at the office, which tastes as good, but the foam's always a little flat. She doesn't stop.

A man with one of those biofeedback jackets glides by, mellow and smug. He's thinking, yeah, it was expensive, but it looks just like my own hair, and with the foil lining, I don't have to worry about those damn headhoppers anymore. My thoughts are my own!

Latte nearly comes out of my nose at that one. Like anyone cares what he gets up to when he goes virtual, even if he is stealing company linktime to do it. And I hope his real hair didn't look like that.

You're right, we should move on; we've been here like forty-five minutes. Even though nobody's noticed, they might.

Wait -- here comes that guy in the jumpsuit again.


If latte and almost comes out of your nose does that mean it congeals in the pipe between the back of your nose and the back of your throat? Eww!

Posted by: Lawrence Harding | April 24, 2007 1:27 PM

Rudi, is this story close to what you envision the future being like, or is it more an exploration for the story's sake alone?

Posted by: Luc Reid | April 24, 2007 4:56 PM

True -- it doesn't sound pleasant.

There's always the possibility that this is some kind of future-latte, and might act a bit differently, but that would be a story for another day...

Posted by: Rudi | April 25, 2007 1:47 AM

Luc -- Mostly an exploration for story's sake. I've noticed people complaining about multiple POV stories, and sometimes even using the term "headhopping." So I tried to come up with a Science Fictional reason to get into the thoughts of several different characters.

And I couldn't resist a bit of an homage to one of Trent's stories while I was at it :)

Posted by: Rudi | April 25, 2007 1:55 AM

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