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Today in the Obituaries

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Amelia Carol Buchanan, who has died aged 138, spent most of her life embroiled in controversy. Born in Launceston, Tasmania, she went on to study law at Universitas Indonesia. In her student days she was well known in activist circles, particularly in the Free Australia movement. Her activism cost her a scholarship, and she was very nearly jailed for her part in the Depok Uprising.

Entering New Zealand as a political refugee, Buchanan spent the next five years between Auckland and New York, attempting to argue for Australian independence. Her frustrating attempts to lobby the frightened Security Council led to her decision to abandon Earth altogether.

Emigrating to Mars in the Second Wave, she was allocated an agricultural work rota to pay off her passage. Like many other immigrants, Buchanan found it next to impossible to clear the debt. She was an instrumental figure in the formation of the Martian Emancipation League, and spent the next two decades in legal aid work.

She was given an honorary doctorate by Harvard, and Universitas Indonesia finally granted her the academic credentials owed to her following her expulsion. She famously destroyed these parchments in her acceptance speech, stating “under Australian skies, the oppressed demand no less of me.”

She entered the political arena at age 62, elected into the House of Representatives in the wake of the Fitzsimmons Constitutional Crisis. Buchanan was noted for her blunt approach to public life, and despite several attempts on her position she forced through a number of contentious bills. While the Human Bodies Recycling Act was seen as a much needed push towards sustainable living, the Kelly Mencken Act is still quoted as a text-book example of political excess.

Scare-mongering of unmedicated care-givers led to a generation of chemically castrated teachers, a decision which haunted Buchanan for the rest of her days. In her later years she became the patron of the Mencken Trust, an organisation dedicated to undoing the damage of the rogue nano-tech used in the castrations.

Following her second prosperous term as Premier of the Martian Parliament, Buchanan stepped aside and entered semi-retirement. She was still active with various honorary appointments, and eventually accepted a diplomatic posting to Earth. She was there the day that autonomy was returned to Australia, and was seated next to the incumbent Prime Minister during the emotional ceremony. It was her 127th birthday.

Refusing further Methusalen treatment, Buchanan died in New Gawler, Mars, surrounded by lifelong friends. She leaves behind an epic political legacy that few could hope to match.

• Amelia Carol Buchanan, politician, born 6 March 2077; died 1 September 2214

Disconnection Issues

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Mr TempID#701536
(formerly known as Cyrus J Willard)
c/o YMCA Hostel
55 Jeff Kennett Boulevard

September 17, 2078


Dear Mr TempID#701536,

As per our recent correspondence, we reiterate that your identity has been revoked. You have now exhausted all avenues of legal appeal and we wish to remind you of the following:

• Your rights to the identity known as Cyrus J Willard have been onsold to a new client, along with all subsidiary rights (domicile, domestic partnership, employment and credit history).
• Following a number of highly inappropriate confrontations, please find enclosed a Restraining Order forbidding you from contacting or approaching Cyrus J Willard, Stacey Willard and Cyrus J Willard Jr.
• Any further attempted contact with Stacey Willard may be considered grounds for a fault-based divorce, in which instance Cyrus J Willard will automatically receive 100% of the marital assets as per the pre-nuptial agreement signed by yourself.

Following the IMMEDIATE and FULL payment of your outstanding debt, we can provide you with a new identity. You can choose from the following packages:

a) Basic – The Basic package locks in your TempID for a low monthly fee, allowing you to access basic government services, membership of financial institutions and voting rights.
b) FreshStart – With a FreshStart account you can begin life anew, under the (available) name of your choice! Live the old way, establishing relationships, employment and credit.
c) LuckyDip – The LuckyDip package provides you with a pre-loved identity. Want to be a doctor, sanitation technician or public servant? You will be provided with all aspects of a random defaulter’s identity.

Please note that your TempID has been provided to you gratis during this difficult time of transition, but will expire in one month. Non-identity is a federal offence.


Customer Care,

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