Jonathan Wood’s story “Notes on the Dissection of an Imaginary Beetle” from Electric Velocipede 15/16 is available online.

David Kopaska-Merkel’s book of humorous noir fiction based on nursery rhymes, Nursery Rhyme Noir 978-09821068-3-9, is sold at the Genre Mall. Other new books include The zSimian Transcript (Cyberwizard Productions) and Brushfires (Sams Dot Publishing).

Kat Beyer’s Cabal story “A Change In Government” has been nominated for a BSFA award for best short fiction.

Read Daniel Braum’s story Mystic Tryst at Farrgo’s Wainscot #8.

Waiting for the Day

by Edd

Quick administrative note: If you’re reading the Cabal via RSS feed, a number of stories we’d meant to have appear in the future may have come your way already Sunday. This was not a rip in the fabric of Einsteinian spacetime, just an unexpected consequence of a server reboot. We’d like to apologize in advance for cluttering up your RSS readers with duplicate stories, and for any resulting feelings of deja vu this may induce.

About ten percent of the people on the Earth are aliens. That’s not surprising to those in the know. That’s how it’s always been. Daedalus and Churchill were aliens, so was Francis of Assisi but pretty much all the rest of them were here just trying to fit in until the day we get to take over. Half the time you humans think you’re so tolerant, half the time you think you’re so <i>in</i>tolerant. Fact is, everybody in the universe looks pretty much the same, you just don’t have the senses to tell if your friend or co-worker is one of (insert descending crescendo) <i>them</i>.

Does your neighbor smell a bit funny? Are they doing things you don’t understand sometimes? Do they look Muslim?

Those aren’t the ones you have to look out for. They’re just more of ¬†you. It’s the ones that look and act completely normally you need to beware. But you won’t.

We’re good at this.

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