Susannah Mandel’s short story “The Monkey and the Butterfly” is in Shimmer #11. She also has poems in the current issues of Sybil’s Garage, Goblin Fruit, and Peter Parasol.

Sara Genge’s story “Godtouched” may be found in Strange Horizons.

Ken Brady’s latest story, “Walkers of the Deep Blue Sea and Sky” appears in the Exquisite Corpuscle anthology, edited by Jay Lake and Frank Wu.

Alex Dally MacFarlane’s story “The Devonshire Arms” is available online at Clarkesworld.

More Server Trouble at the Cabal

by Rudi Dornemann


We’ve had another server crash/spontaneous reset. Apparently, the one we had last week wasn’t the fluke we’d thought it was.

If you’re reading the Cabal via an RSS reader, you probably already know something’s up, since the crash set all our stockpiled future stories to publishing right away. Our apologies for the sudden flood of stories.

We’re working on ways to lock down our future stories, so that, even if the server goes wonky again, it won’t result in story-spam.

Thanks for bearing with us,


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One Response to “More Server Trouble at the Cabal”

  1. natalief Says:

    November 28th, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    Hey, loads of stories that we can read eventually in an RSS reader is better than no stories at all!