Trent Walters, poetry editor at A&A, has a chapbook, Learning the Ropes, from Morpo Press.

Edd Vick’s latest story, “The Corsair and the Lady” may be found in Talebones #37.

Read Daniel Braum’s story Mystic Tryst at Farrgo’s Wainscot #8.

Angela Slatter’s story ‘Frozen’ will appear in the December 09 issue of Doorways Magazine, and ‘The Girl with No Hands’ will appear in the next issue of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet.

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by David

L5O (UWN). – Cosmologists at L5 Observatory reported new calculations of the fate of the universe. It turns out the end is near. Click for more.

>> Comparatively speaking. Scientific estimates of the remaining lifetime of the universe have been reduced from 260 trillion years (plus or minus 55 trillion) to a scant 82 trillion plus or minus 17 trillion. Results are based on assessment of density of dark matter in a randomly selected 0.5% of the visible universe. Professor Llongo Zawekki is senior researcher at the Equatorial Cosmographic Institute on Platform Mbelo: “New methods of quantifying the density of matter between L5 and distant bright objects allow rapid calculation of a much more accurate estimate of time remaining.” Click for more.

UpToTheMomentNews reported a few moments ago that in a European Institutes of News study published moments ago at 62% of respondents reported clicking “click for more” “never or rarely.” Click for more. PiD brings word of an alarming trend sweeping the globe since 14 minutes ago. Suicides up. Click for more. Ads warning that short attention spans kill are verbose, study finds.

@infrastructure world-record # of #bridges closed by jumpers. #ERcrowding worsens. #selfharm

@firstrespondernet Suicide uptick of this a.m. continues, hits hand-held users worst. Clik 4 mor.

@globalmoola Stocks tumble. Sh!t hits fan. Regulators: where were they? Clik 4 mor.

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