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Up Late With All The Power in the Universe

by Luc Reid

The first thing Claude did when he realized he had magical powers was to refluff his stuffed dog, Nostrils. Nostrils had gone through the dryer once before anyone knew how nobbly that would make his fur, and he had been nobbly ever since. Restored by magic, he was now fluffy again, blissfully soft.

It was late at night–almost nine–and he wasn’t allowed to be awake this late, except he had just realized he had magic powers. He had been dreaming about talking to a big crow, and the big crow gave him magic powers. So Claude woke up, and there was Nostrils right next to him, and he immediately used the magic.

The second thing he did was to make it so that all of his toys could talk, and the third thing he did, in a panic just about a second and a half later, was make it so that they were very good at using their super-quiet indoor voices when it wasn’t time for loud talking.

Claude’s Mommy, a tall, beautiful lady who knew everything, poked her head in Claude’s room, but Claude lay still with his eyes closed. Nostrils wriggled a little with excitement, but the toys were quiet, and after a moment Claude’s Mommy closed the door, proving, Claude realized, that she didn’t know everything.

The toys–stuffed animals, matchbox cars, action figures, and so on–were talking in excited super-quiet indoor voices, and mostly they were asking Claude questions.

“Claude, why did you make us alive?” said a monkey with a drum. “Now that we’re alive, we have a lot of feelings, and we don’t know what to do.”

“You should play with me,” Claude said. “That’s what you’re for.”

“But if we have our own lives, should we really be just doing what you want all the time and being ignored other times?”

“Yes,” said Claude.

“But I want to do the things I want to do! Once I know what those are.”

Then Claude immediately took back the aliveness of the toys, except for Nostrils, and he gave Nostrils a complete and utter love for him.

He didn’t have to bother. Nostrils already loved Claude completely and utterly.

Then Claude, who could do anything, went back to sleep, because he could always play with the world in the morning.

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One Response to “Up Late With All The Power in the Universe”

  1. Rudi Says:

    January 28th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Love that last line!